Vintage sideboards: inspirations to choose the right one!

Vintage sideboards: inspirations to choose the right one!

The inevitable furniture in grandmothers' homes; the furniture in which you can find dishes, cutlery and crockery, but also linens and small food supplies: the sideboard! A little disused in the last twenty years, the sideboard is returning, thanks to a burst of passion for vintage which has enriched our homes with truly original styles and objects.

Suitable for traditional or very modern furnishing contexts, vintage sideboards can enrich domestic environments with a touch of romantic elegance, presenting themselves in all their functionality. How many times, in fact, do we find ourselves not knowing where to place a series of small but bulky objects? Whether it's old magazines, toys, but also pots, pans, bathroom sets and even clothes, the sideboard is a functional piece of furniture for the home, as well as a fascinating piece of furniture.

It can be placed in the kitchen – if you are lucky enough to have a spacious one – or in the living room, but also in the hallways and corridors: the important thing is to choose the one with the most appropriate vintage style for your home.


If, for example, you live in a house with a minimalist or industrial style, nothing prevents you from inserting a beautiful cupboard with a riser – or with a flap – of the nineteenth century. If, on the other hand, the furnishing of your home is more traditional, you can opt for an iron cupboard-cabinet. Aiming for the shabby style? Then your choice can fall on an exquisite lacquered sideboard, to be sanded and painted as you wish. 

The sideboard: a unique piece of furniture in terms of presence and prominence in the home, between functionality and beauty. A piece of furniture suitable to be chosen among many vintage proposals, without being satisfied with a mass-produced object that – by necessity – will reserve less evident contrasts with the domestic style in which it will be inserted

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