The Grand Vintage web site has been built in such a way that you do not need to create an account to navigate, look at the pieces of furniture or décor items presented, your data will be required just when you check-out. Isn’t that wonderful?
1. Your Account.  
If you do not have an account, just select an item you like, place it in the cart and check-out. In case you want to create an account before purchasing or just navigating, select the “Account” function, on top of the home page, select “Create an account” and proceed providing the required data. You can request and obtain the cancellation of your data at anytime by writing to us using the email address
You have forgotten your password
It happens to everybody, one day or the other. Just go to “Sign in” and select “Forgot your Password”.You will just be asked your email address in order to reset your password.
You want to modify your password
Same as previously: just go to “Sign in” and select “Forgot your Password”. You will just be asked your email address in order to reset your password.
How to eliminate your Account?
In case you want to cancel your account, just send a request using the following email address:, we will proceed with the cancellation as fast as possible. 
How to subscribe to the newsletter?
To remain updated on the new arrivals, on the main events regarding antics and vintage items, on the fashion trends, just key in your email address in the space of the window called “Subscribe to our newsletter” on the home page. No fear, you can very easily unsubscribe by using the link on the last newsletter received.
2. How to place an order?
We have built this web site keeping in mind that whoever wants to purchase from Grand Vintage might not be used to buying on websites. Therefore, we have designed it in such a way that it is very simple, natural and easy to use.
Just select an item that will fit well in your home. Check that its measurements are in line with the space available. You will then be asked to select a delivery method: either you pick-it up at the seller’s location, or you ask a forwarding agent to bring it to you. In some cases, the seller offers to make the delivery himself. Each case is priced to enable you to have a clear understanding of the overall cost of your purchase.
You will then need to put your item in the cart and proceed to the payment either with Paypal or with a credit card, we welcome them all. Don’t forget to flag the General Selling Conditions to enable the system to proceed. As said earlier, it is very easy.
However, you might have a question or be in doubt. Just give us a call, we are in the office expecting it: 00 39 02 500 412 05.
In case your item is unavailable, just come back a few days later, it might have been involved in a trade fair, a show, a product presentation or a kind of shooting for a few days. Or maybe another one even better has been listed.
How does an order take place?
Once you have selected the article you want to purchase, just place it in the cart and proceed with the payment. by selecting one of the payment means.
The payment will take place in 2 different steps: once you have made the payment, the amount paid will be frozen and kept by the company which manages the payment method for a maximum of 3 days  in order to give time to the seller to confirm that the item is still available.
As soon as the availability is confirmed, the payment will be processed and the instructions to the seller given: how to prepare the piece of furniture or décor item sold, how to make it easy to pick-up, how to wrap it carefully, where to stick the bill of lading provided by the shipping agent etc…
In case the item is unavailable, the payment will not happen and the retained money will be released to the buyer who will be updated by mail.
What are the payment means accepted by Grand Vintage? 
You are offered to purchase with credit cards or Paypal. We accept almost all the credit cards and Paypal which is very reliable. In case you wish to pay by swift, please contact us by phone (00 39 02 500 412 05) or by mail at the address We will help you with our bank details and the total amount to pay.Once received the payment on our account, we will instruct the seller to procede with the shipment.
3. What are the different kinds of deliveries offered?
Each article is offered with different kinds of deliveries from which you can choose the one that will suit you best.
Here are the 3 kinds of deliveries offered:
- The buyer is given the opportunity to pick-up the item himself at the seller’s location. Such decision can be made following an assessment of the distance between both by the buyer who will see the place where the item is located on the product scheme. It is of course free of charge for the buyer who will no benefit from the right of withdrawal.
- Many sellers, mostly the professionals, offer to deliver themselves the piece of furniture or décor item. They are given the possibility to indicate at what price they are ready to do so, according to 3 kinds of distances: within 15 km, within 50 km or within 100 km. Such prices are visible in the space called “Deliveries”, “Cost of deliveries”.
- The last delivery is made by a national forwarding agent: we have made agreements with the large companies and many small ones but more espert in works of art and antique furniture. However, it should be noted that all the prices published on the website are indicative and may undergo changes and updates at the time of the order due to the variations imposed by the shipping agents. 
In all cases, however, who is responsible for the shipment is the seller who needs to put who makes the delivery in the conditions to make a success of it with the proper wrapping of the item and sticking of the bill of lading.
It is who has made the item available to who will take care of the shipping that will have to enquire in case something goes wrong.
4. What to do when the item is being delivered?
Firstly, it is very important to open the packaging in presence of the forwarding agent in case it is altered or damaged . In case the parcel itself is damaged or in case it shows signs of shocks, the buyer needs to make photos of it and put in writing that he has noticed regarding the packing before signing the bill of lading.
A copy of such document needs to be kept by the buyer.
Any wording needs to be expressed very accurately to have a legal value. The reserve needs to be expressed with very clear reasons. Example: “I accept the item with reserve because the packaging is clearly deteriorated on the left side with a whole in it which could have been made by a forklift”.
Order Cancellation / Withdrawal / Shipping back / Compensation.
5. Can I cancel my order prior to the shipping?
You can of course cancel your order before the pick-up has taken place. You need to communicate your decision in the shortest time possible by writing to and to the seller by writing to him on the page of the product at the line “Send a message to the Seller”. Providing the cancellation is well received before the shipment is organised, you will be reimbursed for the complete amount of the order.
6. The product received is not compliant, what should I do?
In case the discrepancy is only a slight difference in the colors in comparaison with the photos published on the website,  or just an impression in respect of its description, or due to the fact that the articles is not in perfect state, the right to send the item back will not be granted.
On the opposite, if the article appears to be clearly and significantly different to the photos and the description of the website, the returning the product for non-compliance is justified. You are asked, therefore to get in touch with Grand Vintage ( within 72 hours, providing us fotos and reasons why you contest the lack of compliance of the item compared to what has been advertised by the seller. We will manage your request as soon as we receive it.
Upon the authorisation granted by our experts to resend the uncompliant article, we will allow you to resend the item to the seller who will be immediately informed. By law, the shipping costs are to be sustained by the seller.
7. For what reason can your request be refused?
First of all, your request to resend the article can be refused if a delay superior to 14 days has passed since it was delivered.
In case of non compliance, the item can be refused if more than 72 hours have passed from the delivery.Remaining on a case of non- compliance, its return can be refused if our committee of experts have refused the request.
In the case of a damaged product, if a delay superior to 48 hours has passed.
A product cannot be returned if it has been picked-up from the seller or delivered by him.
How to get a refund?
8. How does a refund take place?
In case it is agreed a product should be sent back and its buyer be refunded, the money will be credited directly on the account from which the payment came from and paid with the mean used when ordered.
- Paypal usually refunds within 48 hours
- Each credit card has a different length of time to complete the reimbursement.    
But we do not expect you to be disappointed and request to return our product, we select them very carefully to avoid that!
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