You Need a Photographer?

"An image is worth a thousand words," said Confucius. Take care of your photos, because they are the ones the customer will look at initially.
 First of all, if you have a latest generation mobile phone, we invite you to try ... You will be surprised by the result. Just follow our guidelines:
- We ask for at least 5 photos;
- The main one will be cut out to be published in the shop window ("homepage" and following);
- You will have to frame the whole article and frontally, in a clear environment. The furniture must be with nothing on it, to ensure that no attempt is made to hide any damage.
- If the offer consists of multiple items, they must all be present;
- If possible, take the photos in daylight, it makes better than the flash;
- If you have the possibility to do it with a white background, even better.
If you prefer to rely on a professional, we are at your disposal to offer you a photo shoot managed by a professional photographer located near you and affiliated with Grand Vintage.
 In this way, you will certainly enhance your items.
 Just write us an email at
See you soon!
The Grand Vintage staff
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