How To Contact Us

You are a client and you are facing difficulties in purchasing an item or just navigating?
- The section “How to purchase” has been written for you, you will find it in the footer of the home page with all the answers to your questions.
- In case you did not find the answers needed, just drop us a line using the email
- You’d rather call us? 00 39 02 500 412 05.
You are a seller, professional or selling vintage items as a hobby?
- You have questions on how we will advertise your article? Regarding the logistics? The payments? They are all legitimate questions to which we will be happy to answer.
- You will probably find the answers in the section “How to sell on Grand Vintage” in the footer of the home page.
- You did not find the answer expected? Just write to us using the email address
- Or call us at the number 00 39 02 500 412 05.
Do not hesitate, it will always be a pleasure to talk to you!
The staff of Grand Vintage
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